Statement: Tales For Some Too Sad Children by Pruch Sintunava

In society we can always hear how people make a quick judge on someone with a single word - ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We earn a good status to someone by being with them, and we earn a bad status by being against them. We all grew up with this simple system since our childhood, from family, school, to working life. In order to survive, and fulfill our self esteem, we try our best not to be branded as a bad one from the place we are in.

While it is normal to try and stay true to ourselves, the decision is much harder when it comes to something we care about. We start developing fear of damaging the relationship of the people who matter to us, like family, friend, or lover. The thought of suffering the consequence from what we have chosen scares us from being bad, to be seen as a disappointment. For this reason, many reluctantly deny their freedom of choice, to save what is valuable to their live.

This create what I see as a ‘Good boy’. A human who grew up struggling to be honest to themselves. They cannot overcome the fear of having bad relationship, and instead choose to be a selfless good guy in the eye of someone they care. Their self-awareness also making them constantly fight their own desire, refuse to manipulate the thought of other people, and being forced to live with their own conflict inside. Ultimately, they become unwilling to either give, or take, creating scars on their self consciousness, regardless of choice they made.

Even if they can finally conquer their burden of choice, and fully become what they truly are, it will still come at a heavy price. The question still remains, Did we do the right thing? What if we have chosen the other way? Will the alternate path be better than what we have permanently chosen? Or we will regret it no matter what we do in the end? In order to find the answer, we have to keep on living. But it might be hard to do so in a chaotic nature of this modern world. I want my art to ask viewer these type of questions. And hopefully, one might find the fragment of answer in their own light.

Statement: Fakeland Rhapsody 1.0 by Pruch Sintunava

“Fakeland Rhapsody #2”  Digital Painting, 2017

“Fakeland Rhapsody #2”

Digital Painting, 2017

There’s one animal who used to serve tirelessly as the backbone of our agriculture, as a domestic pet, a vehicle, and even as a source of meat. In return, my culture give them the meaning of their name - ‘stupid’.

Before the day machine becomes popular, Buffalo are trained and used mainly in farming purpose. We regard them as stupid because we see them obediently follow our command without questions, and never seem to understand, or care, to what happen around them. In modern world where the society tries its best to imitate a trending slogan like ‘be yourself’, or ‘be different’, only a few understand the responsibility that comes with this ambiguity ambition. It’s an irony that nobody seem to notice that they just become even more alike. Everyone is trying to be different in the same way, just because they are being told to do so. The buffalo horns and leash in my character are symbolizing this situation, in fear of this is what we will become in the next generation.

I also have to mention the scout uniform. In my culture, our school will have their ‘Scout’ day once every week, all the way from junior to last year high school. What it does was having their student wear a boy scout uniform, engaging them with a few lessons, and end the day with a song or an anthem. Both students and teachers never ask for its actual meaning or why are they doing so. They do as being told to, and play their part along. From what I see, nobody seem to enjoy it, but choose to pretend not to know what’s going on, rejecting the opportunity to understand its purpose, either for appreciate it or rebel against it for themselves. This is why I put them along with the buffalo horn symbol. As they seems to get along together very well.

Fakeland Rhapsody is an ongoing series where I want to ask the question - are we really moving forward here? Or are we just pretending to make progress and slowly forget how to be a human? The culture we claim to be so proud about is there, but no one ever try to grasp the true and long lost purpose of its existence. Is this a sign that we are slowly become what we regard as ‘stupid’? If this is to be our future, I have to wonder if it’s too late for us to turn back and do something about it now.

Statement: Extincting Children 1.0 by Pruch Sintunava

“Extincting Children #1”  Digital Painting, 2017

“Extincting Children #1”

Digital Painting, 2017

In my childhood memory, every children in the neighborhood would gather in front of a TV, watching their favorite Japanese anime heroes fight against evils and emerge victory. They would then go outside and play together. All the kids would immediately choose to be a hero, to be right and to be safe. The villains were picked later, usually from those who didn’t raise their voice fast or loud enough.

It doesn’t change much when I grew up. We put so much importance into one side of perspective, as if the more people agree with their beliefs, the more righteous they will become. It’s interesting that many people are focusing on gathering more of the same opinions, rather than admitting that we all have to live with our differences. I have to wonder if this is what humanity are made to be, a being that amass the same kind of themselves as many as they can before dying? If that is the case, I can’t help but to see the opposite side of this phenomenon, the side that reminds me of the minor kids who had to play villain. Because they act different from the rest who claim to be the right side. Funny that it looks like the scene from the past where we played pretend together, but this time we can’t just decide which side is really a hero or villain anymore.

We live in a time when people who dare to accept the price of being different are scarce, and society will continue blaming them as a new evil to triumph over. I have to believe that at least this endanger kind of humanity will not be perished from this world too soon. No matter how inevitable their extinction seems to be.

I can only hope that we will remember what they look like, how sad and beautiful they are as an extincting species who fight the hard way for their own survival. I want my art to remind us of their existence before they disappear.