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I missed you Laura by Pruch Sintunava

Found this kid. From my sketchbook 5 or 6 years ago. When I was bored out of my ass in my office job, I’d grab a brush and draw whatever I want away.

Funny thing is I don’t do that anymore. Because I dedicate all my time making art now. Everything has to has purpose and professionally represented. But I sometimes miss drawing silly things without caring a damn.

Is this irony? Never nail this word down properly. Hope I did it right this time.


Change by Pruch Sintunava

Here are some quick shots of how "Bright Colored Poison" was being made.

This year I’m fortunate enough to joined a show with @coreyhelfordgallery coming up very soon this Feb23. I will also join @supersonicart ‘s 8th annual show this early April. And as always, with good ol’ @wowxwow_art ‘s show this June. All thanks to those 3 big stars who gave me a chance and a place to show my work. I'm very grateful. Really.

This year I also want to be more talkative. Back then I was shy. My point of view wasn't matured enough to sounds not stupid. Not to mention, the language barrier. My English was so broken to the point I would die from embarrassment if I read the older stuff I wrote. But it gets better over time. What I need is practicing so I can write them out faster.

Speaking of faster, I want the same for my art. I have to admit that in the last 3 years, I'm on a borrowed time. I quit my job to focus all my time on my art. It was like in the university all over again. (And boy, I have a LOT to say about university. Maybe in later posts.) It was all well and good. And my art is now at least...acceptable? Good enough to get my message across anyway. But it is too slow. The amount of time I take just to create 1 artwork is not very optimistic. I can't keep going on like this forever. It's time to face another change in my life. I can feel that it will have an impact on my art. The new schedule will make sure it happen so.

So yeah, I want to look into a way of making art faster this year. Without losing my core messages of course. And also finding more time to write. Probably. Nothing is ever certain. But here's really hoping that I can get to keep making art. It's what I do now. Can't imagine myself without it anymore.

If you read my rant this far, uh, thank you I guess. I don't know why would you. But support is always appreciated. Thanks guys. New artwork for @supersonicart is coming very soon.