Sadness / by Pruch Sintunava

I’m not sure why would you value sadness. I don’t. Sadness is an attention whore. It demands your full attention but gives nothing in return. My life is shit and my art is sad as you can see. But that’s about it. It’s just a part of life. I paint to get some of it off my chest, and you look at it so you might be able to feel the pain.

But I don’t polarize it. I don’t glorify it. Don’t do it. Don’t side with it. Sadness is beautiful and it knows. It will seduce you to stay while you try to move on. It will do nothing but slow you down and cloud your judgement. It will pretend it’s here for you, while crying like a baby when you turn your eyes away.

Sadness is just an ungrateful bitch that doesn’t deserve you. But you keep it around anyway, because you’re a nice human being that can accept it for what it is.