Statement: Extincting Children 1.0 / by Pruch Sintunava

“Extincting Children #1”  Digital Painting, 2017

“Extincting Children #1”

Digital Painting, 2017

In my childhood memory, every children in the neighborhood would gather in front of a TV, watching their favorite Japanese anime heroes fight against evils and emerge victory. They would then go outside and play together. All the kids would immediately choose to be a hero, to be right and to be safe. The villains were picked later, usually from those who didn’t raise their voice fast or loud enough.

It doesn’t change much when I grew up. We put so much importance into one side of perspective, as if the more people agree with their beliefs, the more righteous they will become. It’s interesting that many people are focusing on gathering more of the same opinions, rather than admitting that we all have to live with our differences. I have to wonder if this is what humanity are made to be, a being that amass the same kind of themselves as many as they can before dying? If that is the case, I can’t help but to see the opposite side of this phenomenon, the side that reminds me of the minor kids who had to play villain. Because they act different from the rest who claim to be the right side. Funny that it looks like the scene from the past where we played pretend together, but this time we can’t just decide which side is really a hero or villain anymore.

We live in a time when people who dare to accept the price of being different are scarce, and society will continue blaming them as a new evil to triumph over. I have to believe that at least this endanger kind of humanity will not be perished from this world too soon. No matter how inevitable their extinction seems to be.

I can only hope that we will remember what they look like, how sad and beautiful they are as an extincting species who fight the hard way for their own survival. I want my art to remind us of their existence before they disappear.